News from Arielle



Hello Rescue Network, I’m sending you news about Khala, who I adopted almost 2 months ago. She is in great shape, she is a real "Khala-mity" who is full of life, very playful, very curious, very vocal when she smells food and is always hungry (she can be a bit tiring because she wants to taste everything and never leaves me be!) As time passes, she is more and more affectionate. She is a very sweet little girl who stole my heart for many years to come. Thank you! ~ Carole

News from Arielle



Who is now called Maisie. She is becoming a little more comfortable every day in her new home. She drinks, eats and uses her litter. We are very happy to have her with us. She is the most adorable little cat and we already love her. ~ Brittany

News from Martin



Martin made sure that his human was properly filling out the adoption contract and then he promptly went into his transport cage, all on his own. He spent the night with his human, but has being meowing a lot (which happens often). Today he was resting in the little bed bought just for him! ~ Lise

News from Simon



Our little darling slept with his human from the first night and he is already at ease in this new environment. It bodes well for the future!

News from Django



After taking him back home, Django was very curious but a little scared of the new environment. Django is a super smart cat, he learns things super fast. He knows where to go and where not to go, and he doesn't scratch our clothes or bed. The only thing is that he doesn't sleep on the cat bed we got for him, instead he rather sleeps on the ground or inside the closet, which is really funny. He basically sleeps everywhere.

News from Luna



Adopted on August 20th. The pretty Luna is doing well. She is now very comfortable in the house and very cheerful. She adapted very well to the dog of the house and became a girlfriend with my good Java (another cat of the house). I have the right to frantic races in the house!

This is a really sweet little pussy, a little happiness on all fours. This is my little doll! I want to thank the people who took care of her until she came to live with us and made her the wonderful little cat she is today. I promise you to take good care of it. Keep up the good work!

News from Shyloh



Hello everyone, It's been six months since I adopted this beautiful cat. He is always so affectionate with Capucine, my 15-year-old cat. He is also with me, loves to be flattered and I can now take him in my arms a few minutes. He is simply adorable.It is greedy and player with his mouse and his balls.All who see him finds it very beautiful! 

News from Tommy




2 years ago, houlala, yes, yes ALREADY! We have adopted Tommy at home. I do not know if you finally received our photos with the news of the beautiful Tommy, after its adoption... But I want to share you again and thank you again!


Tommy, from day one, got along with big cuddles and nice friendly games with our Hyakulu. They quickly became the two inseparable brothers, EXACTLY like what we had imagined when we read Tommy's description!

And to say that we considered to choose another cat made on the spot, because Tommy was not at all as indicated in the description (description = too energetic, need feline friends or canines (?), Player, etc.). On the spot: fearful and defensive, played nervously and opened my hands and forearms (haha!). Finally, we had waited 5 hours of time in a pet shop for a day home very far from home, just in case Tommy was going to be there. And since he was not there, we had an appointment at the refuge. Out of the question to leave without him, we decided! Anyway. We love it and Mr. Tommy is now a big lover of cuddling and patting of pussies! He brings us straight to the bathroom or on the stairs to be patted on the buttocks... It's adorable!

News from Terri, alias Chanel



Terri had her vaccine of recall this morning, she weighs 1.7 kg and is perfectly healthy. She is a marvel in our house and her big sister is very attached to her. They play and sleep together, and they make me laugh. ~ Sophie

News from Chino



For his first night, he slept with me and almost did not meow. The day after his arrival, I gave him a bath. It was not too bad! He likes his little tablet in the window. He likes to talk and answer me when I chat with him, and he must always be in the same room as me. He always sleeps with me or sits on the bed, watching after everything. ~ Clémence

News from Babette



A word to inform you that everything goes well with Babette. She has already doubled in volume since her adoption and is always by our side. As you can notice it on photos, she feels very at ease in her new environment. Still there is small tensions with Mimine, but with Fripouille, it's as if she had always lived with him. She uses even her bed to sleep and he adapts and is content of the spot he gets. Greetings. ~ Christine

News from Tattoo and Hugo



It has been almost three weeks since we had the opportunity  to adopt and thus to share the life of Tattoo and Hugo. Everything takes place magnificently well. They are very energetic, but have so many moments of tenderness. We adore them a lot and they return him(it) to us! Here are some photos of their new life! Thank you for all that you make for cats(chats). And you did well to ask that they are together adopted! ~ Julie

News from Grigri




Hello, I wanted to give news to you about Grigri, adopted on February 12th, 2017. Grigri found its place in his new home. He is very affectionate, hums all the time and is always ready for a cuddle, he adores that we rub him the stomach! In the evening he waits until we sleep to come and discreetly snuggle up at our feet. He’s a happy cat who found all the love he needed and who gives it so in return! ~ Soizic

News from Mathilda



I wanted to give you another update of Mathilda! She is a joyful rascal and seems to be settling in well. She demands to be petted every day and enjoys her food a lot. She has claimed the yoga mat and all the rugs as her own, and loves to look out the window. She loves playing, especially with balls, and she likes her tunnel a lot. And bags. She's very cute, charms everyone who comes over. Rose.  ~  Rose

News from Chino




He slept with me for a part of the night and almost didn’t mew. I gave him a bath this morning, it was not too bad! He likes his small tablet on the window.  ~ Clémence

News from Mitsy



I take time to write you an e-mail to give news about  Misty. The debuts were a little complicated, she ate little, mewed (especially at night) a lot and was very on the alert. With a lot of patience and your precious advice, things improved little by little, Misty makes things at its pace, we do not hasten her. At least 90 % of the mewings decreased, she has good appetite, she is rather communicative, she likes to speak. She is very affectionate, with a lot of tries and patience she even allow to be carry, not for a very long time, but we are getting there slowly. She socializes very well with people, when I receive friends, she does not leave hiding any more, she stays with us and does her thing. Here we are, she is a bundle of love, my little ray of sunshine without which I do not imagine myself any more! ~ Claire

News from Julep



Message of the family of Julep, adopted on March 11th, 2017: after 4 weeks with us Julep was renamed Neko and begins to know well its name! He waits for us behind the door almost every evening and likes watching us very much doing our activities. He always likes playing very much and caresses but it is necessary to approach him quietly, on the other hand, when we begin leaves purring and does not want one to stop.

In the morning he likes to follow me everywhere and to sit down at the foot of my chair when I have lunch. According to his papers Neko had 1 year on Saturday. He spent the day to play with his human beings, to be caressed and slept on his bed right in the sun.  ~  Héloïse

News from Angelica



Sweet, beautiful and adorable Angelica is a part of our family for almost 4 months. The debuts were rather delicate - but she made incredible progress since! Angie (also nicknamed Jellybean) does not spend any more her time hidden under my bed; on the contrary, now she sunbathes through the window during the day and sleeps next to me every night. She is so affectionate; she rolls on her back to have cuddles and purrs happily. She gets better and better with her 2 younger sisters, Maude and Shawana (also adopted at the shelter). And, even though she’s 13 years old, she adores playing with her mice and her balls like a kitten! Thanks to Alice, Lise C. and all other volunteers who allowed our little angel to be happy in our home full of love forever.  ~ Chantal

News from Velours



As promised, here are news of mister Velours. He’s  a part of the family since 7 months now, but it is as if he had always been with us. Cuddly, affectionate, player and very greedy, he’s is a bundle of love :) to such a point that Valentin renamed him "Darling". For us he stays Velours, but the heart is there!!!

News from Zazou, now Merlin



Small message to tell you that things take place really well with our beautiful Merlin! It is as if he had always been with us: he is really a member of the family and made himself comfortable in the house. Here are some photos of him in his new environment. Thank you for everything and it has been a pleasure!

Emmanuelle and Loïc

News from Petit-Coeur



Petit-Cœur is at John's and Yvette’s who are volunteers for the shelter. As you can see him on the photos, he is in good shape and made many of friends. He has a renal insufficiency stage 2 and a new mouth since a descaling and several extractions (he has no more than 4 teeth). Petit-Cœur lives like a king and we can only be satisfied for him!  ~  Alice

News from Troy, now Miko



I was invited to visit him by his family. Now renamed Miko, he’s the king of the house. He has about twenty various toys for him only from a mother and father who spoil him.He is really spoiled. He’s doing great. He plays and purr a lot and love cuddles. His family is delighted and me too!  ~  Alice

News from Sabali




Sabali is doing well. His new name is Bandit, his the cute black mask is the origin of this new name. No conflict with the other cats. They sniff each other and then turn away. No problem until now, nobody is aggressive at all. He verifies everything and becomes used to his new place. He plays with toys on the ground and sunbathes today. I give them the wet food all at the same time so that he becomes used some to the others. Everything is OK! 

He’s lovely and stays around me for attention and cuddles , and probably for safety, so that he feels always comfortable. I think that he is going to manage. Bandit becomes used to the environment, and always washes his plate. He spends his time on the sofa with me in the evening, and in the morning, he likes having some attention! Always no problem with the other cats. They are not friends still, but they are quiet and can sit down with the others. ~ Barbara

News from Fedora



We adopted Fedora on February 13th 2013.  Just to let you know that he is doing very well and he runs the roost. He speaks when spoken to and even when not spoken to.  He is a big part of our home and we love him even if he is a handful sometimes.  He will be with us 4 years in February .  ~  Regards,

Shirley Ann Warren

News from Alicia



Everything is good! Alicia is calm and cheerful also. Very affectionate, she asks for our presence by pressing herself on us or by jumping on our lap. She likes chattering with small one "wrouin wrouin" she makes these mewings but does not “cry”. She has a good appetite and uses the litter with no problem at all. And we were able this evening to cut the end of her claws! She has not discovered her favorite place in the house yet but the footrest is rather winning. Thing which surprises us, she does not still take advantage of the window and the beautiful sun diving all afternoon long into our room. She has so much fur, we told ourselves she does not want to be hot.


Allergies are small. Alice loses less her hair than our Abyssinian did and do not rub her gums anywhere, no need to mark her territory she knows that she is the queen! She adopted my husband from the 1st day. I give you some photos. Thank you for your work and support, it is appreciated. ~ Marie-Elaine

News from Alpha



Hello, I wanted to tell you my account following my kidnapping by an unidentified human ! After a brief first meeting I was transported in a cage, and here I am landed in an unknown house.

Day 1: the humans do not seem to understand my situation, I suspect them of doing it on purpose. I try to show them my disagreement in an obvious way.

Day 4: my new humans put my moral to the test with depraved mental techniques of manipulation! But I always stand firm …Day 7: I take advantage of their absences (too brief) to recover and establish a plan of escape (thus far no success). 


Day 11: the torture continues to become intensified, I do not think of being capable of holding a very long time... I begin to let go. Day 15: they had me I give up remember me my friends! P.S As you can see him Alpha is in good shape and takes advantage of its new home! Thanks to you to have allowed this beautiful meeting!  ~  Guillaume.