Pringle (Annabelle) - March 2020
Sweet and beautiful Annabelle, I had to say goodbye to you because your fragile little body could no longer bear the pain. You were a cat full of affection and you and I had created a bond so strong. You slept with me every night, your little head snuggled against me, I gave you kisses on your nose and on your little head, I gave you lots of love and above everything cared for you and protected you. Your needs were always my priority. I miss you so much, without you my life is not the same as it was before and a part of me is missing. You will always stay my little Annabelle, I love you forever my little baby, I love you little Annabelle (Pringle)
- Manon, your foster mom
Felix - December 2019
My lovely Felix, you are a source of inspiration, courage and willpower. Three times we thought it was the end, but you fought and surprised us with your strength and tenacity. But your last fight had become too heavy for you and your small body was no longer able to take it. I held you in my arms until the end, you fell asleep peacefully cuddling with me. You gave me a huge gift because you left with your eyes closed. Thank you for these 3 wonderful years, for all the love you gave me, for all the happiness you brought to me. I already miss you terribly and I will always miss you. Have a good trip on the rainbow bridge, my beautiful Mr. Felix. I love you with all my heart today and forever. Rest in peace my little angel. -  Ginette, foster family

Zircon - October 2019

'' Zircon was a loving, sweet, and affectionate cat who was always receptive to the attention he was given. Sadly, the little guy drew the wrong number in the lottery of life. When he came to the shelter, he was a FIV (feline AIDS) and feline leukaemia carrier. He was also fighting a serious disease, calicivirus. The little guy never flinched during medical care, and just seemed happy to have visitors.

Zircon had a will to live uncommon in cats that ill. Despite all the treatments he had, his immune system sadly couldn't fight off the calicivirus. His respiratory system was gradually deteriorating, and nothing more could be done for him.

The decision to let Zircon go was difficult to make, but it's the one that prevails when an animal is condemned, with no hope of recovery. It's love that leads us to think of him rather than ourselves. I accompanied Zircon until his last breath. I cried, but I knew that his suffering was finally over. His memory will remain alive. '' - Robert, volunteer

Picsou - April 2019
''I met Picsou when he was assigned to me at the shelter. Truly the sweetest, chillest and most lovable cat I’ve ever met. This softie was kind to humans and cats alike. Truly the definition of ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Picsou’s hobbies included head scratches, looking out of the window and sunbathing . Little is known about his life before the shelter. It can be assumed however that he had it tough as an alley cat. Throughout his life, Picsou had had an array of various conditions including Ringworm, Asthma and skin problems. And towards the end of his life, these issues intensified. Fortunately, Picsou was taken in by a nice lady to spend his last days in peace. In the end, our beloved Picsou crossed the rainbow bridge accompanied by his lifelong volunteer friends. Even though he wasn’t my cat I feel there’ll always be a spot for him. Thank you for your time with me. May your bowl always be full and your window big and comfy. Rest In Peace sweet baby XXX '' - Eva, volunteer 

Filoussa - April 2019


"Filoussa and Bellatrix are two majestic long-haired black cats who came together in a miserable state. Both cats were covered in knots in their fur that were so hard they seemed like abnormal growths on their bodies. To top it all off, the two little loves were clearly suffering from rhinovirus.

Filoussa was a very affectionate cat who loved attention. She loved singing to make herself heard, despite her sneezing. She would rub against our gloves, and we would leave with streams of snot on them each time we finished cleaning her cage. Sadly, Filoussa wasn't able to overcome her virus. She has left her companion, who I believe to be her sister, alone with us. In a way, Filoussa is still with us in each sweet gesture and meow of Bellatrix, who resembles her like two peas in a pod." - Éliana, volunteer

Curly - 2004-September 29, 2019
"Our little cutie Curly was a wonderful cat who was always purring and affectionate. We did everything we could so that you could get better and we could enjoy beautiful moments with you, but your illness sadly got the better of you, and the best thing for you was to let you go. Curly never had a home of her own, but she had a big family of volunteers behind her who loved her very much. Rest in peace, wherever you are. I'll never forget you. A big kiss and bon voyage." - Emma


Bobo - September 2019


"My little loving Bobo, you joined the rainbow bridge where there is no more pain or fear. You met a lot of friends with whom you can play, run and jump again. You leave a big void at the shelter and I'm going to miss you. Rest in peace, my beautiful angel. I love you." - Ginette, volunteer xxxx

Mia - August 2019


The cat and the sun
The cat opened its eyes,
The sun got in.
The cat closed its eyes,
The sun stayed in.
Maurice Carême, L'arlequin 


Pikachu - June 2019

''Pikachu was a wonderful brown and white striped tabby cat who quickly found a place in the hearts of the volunteers who saw him in the intake area. He was timid, but it didn't take long for him to understand that we were there to help him. He never refused a cuddle, and would ask for more. He was sweet, very affectionate, and his passing cut us like a knife, since he had just come to the shelter. Even though our handsome little tomcat didn't have enough time to leave the intake area, we have to say that his final days were filled with love and care. His cute little face won't soon be forgotten.'' - Éliana, volunteer

Tuxedo - April 2019


« Tuxedo could always be found curled up sleeping in one of his favourite spots, unless of course it was time for dinner! He was a sweetheart who was always receptive to a good petting from any and every volunteer who passed him. Tuxy was an excellent cat that I was lucky to know and interact with. I’ll miss seeing him every time I came to the shelter, he was like the little guardian of the hallway. Rest in peace little one. » - Ada, volunteer

Rolland - 05/2019


I was lucky enough to be a foster family for the beautiful Rolland, whom I affectionately called Rollanosaurus, because of his meowing that reminded me of a loving little dinosaur! 

I remember Rolland as a real treat vacuum and a huge fan of human warmth. He had no mischief with humans and only wanted one thing: love! When I heard about your death, beautiful furry animal, I experienced two completely different feelings: pain, and joy. Why joy? Simple. Because I learned at that time that you had a foster family in the last months of your life, and that, I couldn't have wished a better ending for you! RIP my handsome, hairy, loving male. I will always love you!

Clovis - 04/2019


"My beautiful Clovis, I loved you deeply. You didn't trust humans and you certainly had good reasons. As I helped heal you, despite your extreme fear, I kept telling you that I loved you, that it was for your own good, and that it would soon be over. Unfortunately, you didn’t live long enough for us to show you that not all humans are the same. That's my only regret. Have a safe trip and give hugs to the other cats for me. From wherever you are, I give you a last hug and say goodbye to you my beautiful love. " - Marie Drouin, volunteer

Bébé Pinceau - 04/2019


"My beautiful Bébé-Pinceau, I will miss you very much at the shelter because I never missed an opportunity to greet you. Even if you hid, I had to see you because I loved you with all my heart. Since you liked treats very much, I was lucky to have you come to me and eat them directly from my hand. I already miss you my beautiful boy that I loved so much and that I will love for the rest of my life. You were my heart. I loved you, I love you and I will always love you. Rest in peace, my beautiful angel, the shelter will no longer be the same without you. Goodbye, my beautiful love. " - Ginette P, volunteer

Kim - 03/2019

The lovely and joyful Kim has passed away. She had the hearts of volunteers and of her foster family. Rest in peace beautiful Kim.

Tibi - 03/2019

Tibi, she was a pretty little black and white lady who had just arrived at the shelter. Unfortunately, the preliminary examination by the veterinarian ended up in a very bleak assessment and the only charitable act we could do was to put an end to her suffering. Our only consolation is that she did not have to suffer all that outside hungry, in the cold. Rest in peace little Tibi ...

Félicia - 03/2019

Félicia has left us....

Despite all our efforts, her condition continued to deteriorate. Félicia passed away in my arms, cozy in her little blanket. She was a wonderful little kitty, gentle and good-natured." - Étienne, foster family

Zoé - 01/2019

Sadly, the beautiful Zoé has passed away. This is a great sorrow for her foster family, who loved her enormously.

Wapi - 01/2019

Wapi, he was my friend, my dear friend. Wapi has passed away. His big body was starting to shut down. Wapi, I loved him right away, from the first time I saw him. Vickie and I will miss you as words cannot tell, my old man ... Have a nice trip. Where you go, there is only good. There where you go, there will be no more injections or pills. I promise Wapi ... Thanks to the RSA for allowing Vickie and me to share the life of such an extraordinary animal full of resilience, tranquility and positivism. I swear we madly loved him, this old cat .... In particular, thank you to the RSA for allowing us to take care of him as well. - Étienne, Foster family.

Lynxy-Boy - 01/2019

After fiercely fighting up his disease, our beloved Lynxy left us and is walking towards the rainbow bridge.


I welcomed this perfect and adorable kitty at home in April 2018 and had the chance to share 9 months of pure happiness with him.


Lynxy gave me the best of the lessons: to make the most of the present moment. Not for a moment did he let his condition (kidney failure and FIV +) undermine his good mood.


He was always present to welcome me at the door when I got home from work. He loved enjoying the sun, exploring the courtyard, feeling the fresh grass under his feet and asking for caresses on his head; Lynxy loved life and lived fully.


The little angel followed me like my shadow and the house is empty since he left, I still expect to see him arrive in the room ... I miss him terribly.

This sweet and wonderful being has put so much sunshine in my life, and it will remain forever in my heart and my thoughts.'' - Kasia R.J., Foster family

Cutie-Pie - 01/2019

It is with sadness that I announce the death of the fearful little Cutie-Pie, who had an adenocarcinoma (untreatable cancer). Poor Cutie-Pie, I would have liked so much that he realizes that we only wanted his well-being... - Lise

Ophélio - 01/2019

Ophélio was an affectionate cat who followed the volunteers everywhere they went to get them to pet him. He came to the shelter in a sad state, but his health greatly improved from then on. Unfortunately, it didn’t last, and we realized that he had a thyroid tumour. We had to let him go. It was a huge deception and sadness for the volunteers. Ophélio was loved by all despite his short stay at the shelter.

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