Edgar – 08/2018

It’s with a very heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of our beautiful Edgar.


We had taken him to the vet because he had a fever and was not the Edgar that we knew before his return. At the examination, the vet had noted that Edgar was experiencing pain in his back and his abdomen. The different examinations showed that he had liquid in his abdomen and that no organ played a role in it. After examining the liquid, the diagnostic was determined and irrevocable: our poor Edgar had FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). This virus is untreatable and fatal.


Therefore, I went ahead this afternoon to give our beautiful Edgar some last cuddles. He was gently purring while I was caressing him before he got his first injection. What a good cat this Edgar was…


It’s never easy to be present for an euthanasia but there are times that are more difficult than others. This one was one of the harder ones…I find it so unfair that he’s gone so young. He really would have earned a home for himself where he would’ve have made his human slaves happy…But it wasn’t written in the stars for him…


Rest in peace my sweet and gentle Edgar. - ❤ Lise

Chester – 08/2018

Unfortunately, Chester's health condition (with feline leukaemia) got worse in the last two days and this Sunday morning he had to be euthanized. I had him in my arms the entire time, until the end... I love you very much my adorable little prince, who loved to play with my hair and snuggle against me every time he could. I miss you already... Forgive me, my baby, for not having been able to extend your life by much. I know you have been happy with me and I have felt your love every day. I wish it could have continued that way for a while longer, but yesterday you were in too much pain and I couldn't bear to see you suffer anymore. I took so many pictures of you and rest assured that I will never forget you, my Relu Puturelu (it means nothing in Romanian, but I liked to call him that and he always answered. ∼ Monica (host family).

Renoir – 08/2018

It's with much sorrow that I announce the passing of our lovely, sweet Renoir. He suffered another thromboembolism complicated by a pulmonary edema in the night. He was having trouble breathing when I brought him to the vet this morning. Despite his young age (only around a year and half), his chances of making it were slim. He would have walked away with scars on top of the extremely high risk of having another thromboembolism within the next three months. Thromboembolisms are very painful — poor Renoir was crying out in pain. And so, I decided to let him pass. Those who had the chance to know him will tell you what a lovely, sweet-natured, and affectionate cat he was. Rest in peace, sweet Renoir, your pain is over.” ∼Lise


Phœbe – 07/2018

Recently, we learned that Phœbe had liver cancer. We suspected that our beauty will not last much longer with us, but she continued to eat and act like a normal cat despite her illness. However, this morning, Phœbe didn’t want to eat anymore. Her body temperature had dropped drastically… it was time for us to let Phœbe go.

Phœbe left with Lyne (her beloving foster family), by her side. She left this world also with the company of all the staff at Victoria Veterinary Hospital where she was well known and appreciated. ∼Lise

Lady Rose

Rose – 06/2018

Rose had a very high fever and was not in her best shape. The vet who saw her said she was suffering from an infection, probably the Calicivirus. She also determined that Rose had a very bad stomach ache due to either pancreatitis or a very rare impairment of an intense Calicivirus.

Unfortunately, blood tests showed pancytopenia: a virtual absence of blood cells in her blood. Without white blood cells, the body cannot fight infections; without red blood cells, oxygen cannot circulate satisfactorily in the blood. We could say that leukemia had taken away the capacity of Rose’s body to defend itself from infections… At the very most, we could have prolonged Rose’s life for a few more days… in very bad life conditions… It was a bit hard to believe, everything happened very quickly…

When I saw Rose this morning, I immediately understood that it was the end and that it was useless to fight. Ulcers began to appear in her mouth, corroborating the hypothesis of a Calicivirus. She was breathing hard, with an open mouth, due to pain and lack of blood cells to carry oxygen. She left quietly while I flattered her on the vet's table. Her face relaxed. The pain was finally over for her. ∼Étienne


Grizzly – 05/2018

Grizzly has left us...

Our little soldier lost his last battle. Yesterday, I had to visit him at the clinic where he was under observation. Lise phoned me at noon to tell me he had just died suddenly. Probably washed away by a rapid fall in hypoglycemia. The vet suspected pancreatic cancer. I still wanted to give him one last hug. His little body seemed in peace.

Grizzly lived at the shelter for eight years without having the chance to be adopted. In the last two years, he was often sick and we all knew he had chronic diarrhea despite all the treatments. Early in winter, we thought we were going to lose him… but he started gaining weight, he was more awake, his hair was growing back. It was a joy to see him empty his bowl like a glutton. But it was a short-lived hope…

I started cleaning his ears regularly at the end of summer. I saw how sweet and charming he was. And, above all, so endearing. In the weeks when he lived in a cage in the Angels' section, I used to put him, as well as others, for a few hours to take a sunbath by the window. He, who was always cold, seemed to really enjoy the sun. It was his last good moments.

I know that many volunteers were very attached to this touching little guy. He received a lot of love. We will be many to cry his death, but we will remember the beautiful moments spent with him. ∼Robert


Enzo – 05/2018

It is with infinite sadness that I announce Enzo’s death. Many of you didn’t know much about Enzo (or not at all). He was one of our little wonders in the Accueil section. A beautiful big redhead, the sweetest around and so full of love to give. He had an appointment with the vet today (Friday morning) because his last days behaviour worried me. He had done very little peeing yesterday and he was not in his best shape. I picked up his little body at the shelter last night and took him to the vet, so he could be examined. It’s very likely that he died of a urinary blockage. ∼Lise


Jonas –04/2018

When Jonas started having his skin problems, we knew that it was a manifestation of his leukemia that was entering in its terminal phase. Some of you have certainly noticed that even though the lesions on his body were bigger and bigger, and that he was visibly losing weight, Jonas had quite a lot of enthusiasm. During the examination, the veterinarian discovered a lot of haemorrhages on Jonas’s skin, a sign of a clotting problem likely to complicate in the coming days. Under the circumstances, it was better to let him go before his condition became critical and his quality of life untenable. I'm sorry Jonas, I wish you had finished your life in a house. You were a good cat ∼Étienne


Artie – 04/2018

Artie was completely unresponsive to the many treatments tried, which suggested that the cause of her diarrhea was likely caused by cancer. Artie also had kidney failure. She had lost a lot of weight, and it looked as though she was going to die slowly in the days or weeks to come. We preferred to let her go without suffering… ∼Étienne

Dexter – 03/2018

It is with a heart filled with immense sadness to announce that I had to let go of my buddy Dexter (who we renamed Émile when we began fostering him). The cruel disease of feline AIDS got the best of him. A week ago he was fine, then his condition quickly deteriorated in the last few days. There was unfortunately nothing we could do in this situation. Thank you to Lise Côté for being with me during this hard time. I am relieved though, knowing that he was perfectly happy at home. He was spoiled, cuddled and pampered like a little prince and I am happy to have given him a peaceful end of life filled with love. Rest in peace, my handsome little fellow. We will miss you terribly. ∼Nathalie Lessard

Grace – 03/2018

Our beautiful and sweet Grace has passed away. After several ups and downs, in recent weeks, her health deteriorated at an alarming rate. We had no choice but to let her go. One of our dedicated volunteers was with her for her last moments; she was cuddled, cradled and received lots of love before her big departure. Our little and kind Grace did not go alone.

Alfredo – 02/2018

We had to say goodbye to another of our loves, the handsome Alfredo. His condition deteriorated rapidly in recent days so we drove him to the vet where the decision was clear. Our handsome Alfredo did not leave alone though, Louise, our dedicated volunteer, was with him for his departure.

My beautiful Alfredo, there isn’t a furry creature braver than you. We saw you beat and conquer disease after disease while you remained the same sweet and gentle cat we know and love. But now it seems that your 9 lives have been exhausted... You will remain in our memories, our brave warrior... Rest in peace my beautiful Alfredo. ∼Mimi

Dumas – 02/2018

A sad message. Our beautiful Dumas passed away yesterday. For two months, his health was deteriorating and his new family did everything they could to help him overcome his health issues, but nothing would do. These are really good people and I find it comforting knowing that he was able to enjoy his last few months in the home of a loving family. He will be missed. He had such a great personality and he was such a bundle of love. Adopting him was a great experience, even if it was for a short time.

Gaby – 01/2018

Our little Gaby left without warning. She leaves in her absence her best friend, Grizzly who misses her greatly. He is undoubtedly a bit lost without her. Thank you to all who took care of her, day after day; those who cared for her, bathed her, and consoled her. Thank you to those who amused her, allowed her to climb and chat. Thank you to Robert for being with our little warrior in her last moments. Her little companions in the Hall of Angels welcomed her last night. Goodbye dear little Gaby.

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