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IMPORTANT MESSAGE COVID-19: Only a few cats are up for adoption at this time because of the pandemic, please look at our website to see which ones are available. Our adoption team takes all necessary measures to make sure you are in contact with the minimum number of people when you are visiting us. Hygiene measures are respected as well.

😽 The 2021 calendars are here! 📆

The 2021 calendars of the Réseau Secours Animal/Animal Rescue Network are available! This year, there's something new, we are selling a desk version! 

- The wall version is $20 (including shipping) 

Dimensions : 8 1/2 x 11

- The desk version is $15 (including shipping) 

Dimensions : 5 1/2 x 8

To buy your calendars: https://www.simplyk.io/ticketing/5db6407a8c36af0017d0c5bf

Thank you for helping us! :)

On August 22nd 2020, we lost one of our longest term resident at the shelter: the beautiful Darcy. He fought diseases for multiple years and we let him go yesterday morning, surrounded by love ❤️ Goodbye Darcy

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On April 19th 2020, we had to say goodbye to our dear Tattie, who was reaching her 29th birthday. We prepared a short video to commemorate her memory. Rest in peace Tattie, we love you very much 

Since the beginning of the year, we have undertaken many cases of cats with serious dental problems. You already know the lovely Rambo, who had his surgery last week. But here are the other 12 ... Some have already been adopted, but the vet bill is not fully paid. It has been way too much for the shelter, but we didn't want to let the cats suffer ... We are taking advantage of this slow period to update our finances and thus continue to help as many cats as possible. Each donation makes a difference, thank you for supporting us!

Bailey 350$ / 771$ Retourné chez ses propriétaires/Went back to his owners
 Rudolph 680$ / 650$  
Baghera 220$ / 720$ Adoptée, adopted! 
 Boule 722$ / 720$ Adopté, adopted!   
Whitney 130$ / 720$, Adoptée / Adopted! 
 Muskat 750$ / 750$ Adopté, adopted!   
 Rambo 1590$ / 1540$ 
 Bilou 450$ / 450$ Adopté/ Adopted! 

 Mystic 1121$ / 1120$  
Velours 50$ / 720$ Adopté, adopted! 
 Papyrus 1000$ / 1000$ Adopté! / Adopted! 
Mr. Davidson 30$ / 720$ Adopté / Adopted!  
 Stanislas 620$ / 620$ Adopté/ Adopted! 

Merci aux généreux donateurs. 

Pour faire un don : https://www.simplyk.io/donation/5bd9cc4068e91300150c1b69

Thank you to the generous donators. 






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All the profits of the various activities help to provide for the numerous needs of our boarders. If you cannot participate in the activities, but wish all the same to contribute, it is always possible to DONATE