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The cats of the shelter are the Stars of the Amazing Race-Cue

Get ready for THE first feline reality web series. Discover 30 lovable and energetic cats-contestants competing in various challenges like boxing, singing, and synchronized swimming…And three cat-judges amazed by their performances. So get ready for some action, furry animals and romance, with famous voices participating in this project. Our goal is to make people laugh and raise awareness about abandoned animals while discovering an important animal shelter.


Website: https://amazingracecue.ca/en/

A production of Arrive en ville - film

Subtitles are available in english.

The ARN needs your help

At the Animal Rescue Network, we shelter hundreds of cats every year. We treat them, sterilize them, vaccinate them, care for them and work hard to find them a forever home. The shelter does not condone euthanasia except in the presence of incurable medical conditions affecting the animal’s welfare unacceptably. Our policy is to treat all health problems that can be treated without compromising the animal's quality of life. As a result, the medical bills get very high and the Animal Rescue Network is a non-profit organization that receives no subsidies or government assistance. 


Despite all this, we are committed to help animals in need, no matter the financial cost. We have recently welcomed several unwell cats and we ask for your help so that we can treat them, but also to ensure that we can continue to accept unfortunate cats who have no chance to survive in the streets nor in most animal centers.

Please visit our GoFundMe Page!

10 Good reasons to adopt from a shelter: Why hesitate?

Needs of Volonteers

We need volunteers for the maintenance tasks of the shelter. You like the company of cats, you have time and would like to help for a good cause, our team is waiting for you! For more details, visit the Volunteers page and fill out the Online Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us!





Proud sponsors

All the profits of the various activities help to provide for the numerous needs of our boarders. If you cannot participate in the activities, but wish all the same to contribute, it is always possible to DONATE