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Buzz needs your help!

Buzz, this lovely kitty, was hospitalized for several weeks... He developed pancreatitis followed by hepatic lipidosis. He fought for his life, and seems to have won his battle!


He started eating a little again on his own, but it's not enough. So an esophageal tube had to be inserted. His condition has been stable for just over a week. His hepatic lipidosis (jaundice) is gradually resolving. He has to continue receiving his medications and being fed through his tube for a while longer, but since his condition is stable, he has finally been able to return to his foster family. 


We're relieved that Buzz is getting better, but the vet bill is quite steep. We are talking about 5000$! We're asking for your generosity to be able to cover the medical expenses.  


Thank you from Buzz, who is now purring with his foster family!


To make a donation : https://www.simplyk.io/donation/5d405d5dfc5423001745efde


Thank you!!

We need volunteers for the maintenance tasks of the shelter. You like the company of cats, you have time and would like to help for a good cause, our team is waiting for you! For more details, visit the Volunteers page and fill out the Online Form.

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