News from Grisou

Now Tigris 



Hello! We want to tell you that our family is very happy to have adopted Grisou, who we renamed Tigris (adopted on October 14th, 2017). It only took a few hours for Tigris and Rose to get to know each other (Rose is our other cat who is only 2 months older than Tigris). They are now like brother and sister! They play together and wash each other. We are very happy with our cats and they seem very happy with us. ~ Marie-Andrée

News from Kit-Kat 

Now Thormund



I think Thormund has adapted to his home. We moved him to the next level because he was crying a lot in his room and scratched the door. Now both cats are together in the condo and have access to all the rooms. Nótt, our other cat, growls as soon as he approaches within 50 cm, but they are cohabiting well. Thormund ultimately turns around and leaves her alone, so she is happy. She even came to sniff his tail while he slept, and grunted every time he raised his head, showing him who is boss! But all in all everyone is eating well, and are now settling into a deep sleep in order to be full of energy tomorrow morning when it’s time for their next meal. ~ Lucille