The Animal Rescue Network’s goal is to find a loving home for each and every one of our animals cared for at our shelter. To adopt one of our cats, there are two options: 

  • Fill out the online adoption form and someone will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment with you.
  • Meet us on one of our adoption days! These give those who want to adopt the opportunity to meet the cats and kittens that appear on our website. For more information, please visit our events section.


All kittens under 6 months old are placed in foster homes, as well as certain grown-up cats. They can be brought to the shelter on our adoption days or, according to the availability of the foster family, private meetings can be arranged. 


Why should you adopt? 

By adopting an animal from the shelter, you are making an important contribution to our organization to continue to care for our animals at the shelter. You are as well doing a good deed, more than which you would have done by adopting your pet from a pet store. You will also have the satisfaction of providing a loving environment for an abandoned animal and be giving them a second chance. 


By giving an animal a second chance at life, you can feel tremendous gratitude in seeing your new pet happy. 


Many individuals prefer to adopt kittens rather than grown-up cats. However, there are certain inconveniences that come with adopting kittens such as rummaging in your plants, chewing on electrical cords etc. The adoption of grown up cats does avoid situations such as these. 



Adopting a pet from a shelter is a more affordable choice than purchasing one from a pet store. On average, an animal adopted from a shelter is neutered, dewormed and vaccinated for $180*. The costs to adopt an animal from a pet store can range from $250 to $350, along with additional expenses for neutering and vaccinations. 


However, that being said, cost efficiency should never be the main reason to adopt a pet. Costs for your pet’s everyday life such as food, veterinary visits, care, grooming, etc. must be kept in mind during your adoption decision. 


Our adoption fees are $180 for an adult and $200 for a kitten under 6 months*. This includes first vaccination, deworming, neutering and additional assistance for the first 6 weeks. 



You can submit an adoption request for one of our cats by completing the adoption form.

Or if you have any questions: