What is a foster family?


A foster family temporarily welcomes into their home a cat or kittens in need. You can decide to foster multiple cats at once. 

When someone decides to foster, they undertake to pay for the food, litter and accessories (e.g. litter box, bowls, toys, etc.) required for the duration of the cat’s stay. Veterinary expenses are fully covered by ARN. If possible, foster families are required to transport the cat to and from the designated clinic for appointments, however in certain cases volunteer drivers can be organized when needed.

Cats placed in a foster home stay with the family until they are adopted. Cats are placed in foster for various reasons such as:


- Pregnant cats

- Mothers with kittens

- Kittens who are less than 6 months old

- Adult cats with special needs

- Adult cats who need end-of-life care


What are the advantages of being a foster family?



- You can enjoy the companionship of a cat for a short period of time if you are not ready to adopt or can’t commit for a long period of time.

- You help a cat to heal and socialize in a healthy environment, which increases his chances of a successful adoption.

- You are not responsible for the veterinary costs associated with the cat; these are covered by the ARN. You only pay for the food, litter and accessories (toys, scratch posts, etc). 

- You can help us save animals from urgent situations by providing them with a roof over their head for a short or long period of time, while giving them the necessary care. 

What are the obligations of a foster family?


As a foster family, you must:

- Keep the cat indoors and never let it go outside.

- Immediately inform the ARN if the cat accidentally gets lost;

- Provide medicine or special care as required by the ARN;

- Immediately communicate with the ARN foster care team if a cat requires veterinary assistance;

- Use a safe transporter when bringing the cat outside for appointments;

- Provide the ARN with all changes in addresses when caring for a cat;

- Contact the ARN if you are not able to continue caring for the cat.

- Be available and open to visits from potential adoptive families interested in the cat you are fostering.


In order to become a foster family, please fill out our form by clicking HERE.


If you need additional information, please send an e-mail to arnfostercare@gmail.com.