Here is a list of our cats who urgently need to find a foster family.


Plume (alias Moustache Girl)   ~   Melle Poulette   ~   Bunny-2


To contact us : (514) 938-6215, option 4, / ARNfostercare@gmail.com /  Online Form

What is a foster family?


To be foster family consists in welcoming at home a cat or a kitten, but temporarily. You can choose to take several residents.


When a person becomes host family, he or she undertakes to pay the food (with the exception of the cats which need special food) and the litter as well as the accessories (ex : cat litter …). Veterinary expenses are completely covered by the ARN. On the other hand, the person has to come with the cat to the veterinary clinic which will be indicated by the ARN (if possible).


Cats placed in foster family, are there for indefinite period, ideally until their adoption. Cats in a foster family are often placed for particular cases such as:

  • Cats who have to eat a special food (ex: C/D, W/D, etc.);
  • Pregnant female;
  • Female with kittens;
  • Kittens and young cats of one year and less;
  • FIV Cats;
  • Old Cats;
  • Cats taken care by the ARN but who weren’t in the shelter (ex : wandering cats) yet;
  • Cats needing to be socialized.


What are the advantages to be a foster family?

  • You can have an animal for short period until this one  is adopted, if you don’t want or can’t make a commitment in the long term or adopt.
  • You welcome in your family an animal which will grow in a healthy environment there. Also, its chances to be adopted will increase because the animal is healthy and socialized.
  • You want an animal for longer period, it is possible. 
  • It is an economic solution because you only have to pay the food, the litter and give the animal all the attention and the care which it needs.
  • You can help us save animals in urgent situations by housing them for a short or medium term, while providing them the necessary care. For example, not weaned kittens, mistreated cats which need to be relocated quickly, etc.


The obligations of foster families: 


The foster family which does not want to keep anymore the animal, has to inform us at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can organize the return in the shelter or the transfer in another family.


From time to time, the cat in a foster family has to come at our adoptions days. The purpose is to give the animal more chances to be seen and adopted. The family has to ensure the transport of the cat for these days, if it is impossible, a transport with a volunteer can be organized.


There can also have home visits at the foster homes by people interested to see and/or to adopt the animal.Note that these visits will always be made together with a volunteer of the ARN and that an authorization from the foster family is necessary.


If you need additional information, please contact the ARN at (514) 938-6215, option 4, or send an e-mail to: ARNfostercare@gmail.com


If you wish to become a foster family, you can complete the Online Form and send it afterward to ARNfostercare@gmail.com