Lydia – 12/2016

Renal insufficiency — Lydia had been able to spend last month of her life in an affectionate foster home where she was treated like a princess. She left slowly and surrounded with love. Her small body had decided to stop fighting, it's about time for her being freed from her sufferings. Rest in peace beautiful Lydia. ∼Alice

Hamlet – 11/2016

Stomatitis/FIV — Dear Hamlet, during several days when I gave you your fluids I saw your gradual change, we all had hoped that you get out of it, because you had bounces of energy, but the last days nothing more worked, I gave you your fluids and you remained curled up. You fought hardly, but you were tired. Today you found back your magnificence and you have no more pain. Rest in peace small treasure I will never forget you. ∼Ginette P.

Nini – 10/2016

During 2 hours I was lucky to rock him, to sing him lullabies and especially to tell him how much I loved him. I cried, of course, and at the same time I was happy to be the one who would reassure my small hero, my small prince who slept in my arms confidently. I felt privileged to be by his side during the last hours, the last minutes of his life. By going to the private hospital, Nini felt the heat of the sun. No cage, no carrier, I carried him on me and led him towards heat and freedom. I feel sorry for the sadness which several volunteers are going to feel by reading this message. Thank you for having given to Nini so much love. ∼Louise

Mitzy – 09/2016

Renal insufficiency / Paralysis — My beautiful and soft Mitzy, I had the happiness of having you at my home with me for a whole month, despite your paralysis your joy of life was felt, you were a real ray of sunshine for me, but despite all the efforts despite your determination to fight, unfortunately you lost your fight against this paralysis which continued to destroy your small body. I will never forget these moments of tenderness with you, the small nibbles which you made me, your look so sweet and expressive. Your beautiful big eyes, your love, your presence misses me and will always miss me. My heart and my house are very empty without you fell asleep slowly in my arms and you joined the bridge of the rainbow. Rest in peace, my angel, my love, my beautiful and beloved Mitzy. I love you with all my heart, I will never forget you. Thank you for the happiness you brought me. ∼Ginette P.

Robin – 09/2016

Calicivirus — I miss you already, my little angel; but you are free now and I will always love you. ∼Chantal xox

Mimo – 09/2016

Pancreatitis — My beautiful Mimo, you who were afraid of us, I would have liked to be able to make you a caress to say to you that you were very much loved. It is only once you were calm that we were able to take you and to whisper you some loving words. Rest in peace small treasure. ∼Alice

Rudy-B – 09/2016

Neurological damage — An angel among angels. Rest in peace my little Rudy-B, you deserve it because you were so sweet, kind, attentive. You liked playing, cuddling and even taking care of your companions at the shelter. You left very fast and we did not have time to say goodbye to you, but this small text is for you. Goodbye, Rudy-b. ∼Mélanie

Buck (Teddy-Bear) – 08/2016

Leukaemia — Teddy Bear little cat so kind when you saw me entering your room you sat up and beg to have cuddles, it was a pleasure for me to pat you my beautiful small redhead. You left a big space in the shelter. Rest in peace on the rainbow bridge. I love you. ∼Ginette P.

Saki – 08/2016

Thromboembolic — Girl Saki, what happened so that you were so much afraid of the human beings who wanted only your good? You did not live any more in constant fear, it is what consoles me a little about your departure. ∼Louise

Chandler – 06/2016

Chandler you were a beautiful cat, you were shy, but you were kind, you didn’t like when I put drops in your eye, but you were passive, it was for your own good to not to lose you, but the disease picked you up and you fell asleep slowly, I willl always remember that you were always lying in the same small bed. Rest in peace little treasure. ∼Ginette P.

The little Chandler arrived at the shelter, I believe, in September, 2015 it was a feral cat fed by a lady, and she thought that it would be better for him to be at the shelter than in the street. I welcomed Chandler upon his arrival. After his stay in the welcome/infirmery section he was put in the Urinary room.During my cleaning shift every Monday, I made sure to go see him, he was always lying, hidden and didn’t want any attention at all. . I persisted in caressingthe top of his head. He was always stressed, but little by little he became a little more tolerant, and after several weeks I saw that he relaxed little. ∼Christine

Chandler, you really touched our hearts. It is obvious upon your arrival that you had difficult times. We welcomed you and tried to make your life a little easier and filled with love. It took you a few months to trust us, but you let us love you and for it we will never forget you. Rest in peace, and know that you are going to miss us. ∼Mélanie

MariBel – 06/2016

Necrosis of the abdomen — My beautiful Maribel I loved you from the first moment I met you, your story profoundly touched me. To give you fluids allowed me to be closer to you and you were in trust, you came to me, you loved my cuddles. You left joining your dad Mario and your brother Marius. It is so difficult to see you leaving, but you are happy now. I will never forget you, rest in peace my little treasure. ∼Ginette P.

Marius – 05/2016

Heart — My beautiful and soft Marius, I was by your side several times a week, I went to give you your fluids you were afraid, but after a few minutes you were less put under stress, because I spoke to you, I sang you always invented songs, I scratched your neck and your head. Then, I took you in my arms and I walked with you in the corridor. Even the days when you did not need to receive fluids I went to see you to chat with you, take you on my lap and pet you. Your departure leaves an immense space in my heart and when I will enter the Frimousses room, I will have a small thought for you, but without you it will never be the same again. Goodbye, my little darling, and rest in peace with your dad Mario. ∼Ginette P.

Aury– 05/2016

Renal insufficiency — Little Aury, I am so sad at the idea of letting you leave. You were so wise and always kind with the volunteers and your feline friends. Your memory is going to remain engraved in the heart of our volunteers who loved you a lot. ∼Louise

Lestat – 04/2016

Cancer — My beautiful Lestat you were soft and affectionate you loved the volunteer’s company and you always wanted cuddles. I found you really beautiful, I always liked black cats. Then one day by going to the shelter, I didn’t see you and I learnt that you were on the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace my little Lestat. ∼Ginette P.

Hilary – 04/2016

She was thinner and amorphous since a few weeks. Her blood test showed an important reduction in white and red blood cells and plaques were almost in zero. Her marrow produced no more globules. She probably had leukaemia of the bone marrow. She had no more weapons to defend herself. She left slowly and quickly. Rest in peace my darling xox

Speedy Gonzales – 04/2016

Renal insufficiency — Speedy Gonzales lived in the shelter for a long time. I knew him well and I liked him. The decision to let him go was difficult, but it was the only one who could avoid the suffering of Speedy in a near future. Letting him leave, it’s a decision to love him to the very end. ∼Louise

Romulus – 04/2016

Bowel cancer — Our little fighter left quite slowly. Goodbye little love. Always asking for cuddles, attention and love. Always in the front row to welcome the volunteers, you did not want to go unnoticed … certainly because of your black fur … the adopting people look less at the black cats then you did everything so that you be noticed and be so kind. And we gave you back this love because you deserved it. You left too early and you left a space. Goodbye little love. ∼Mélanie

Magda – 04/2016

Renal insufficiency — My beautiful and sweet Magda it is with sadness that I learnt that you had joined the rainbow bridge, despite your body so frail you were a fighter, every time we thought that was the end you bounced, you did not let the disease have the upper hand over you, but unfortunately on April 21st this disease got the upper hand and it was necessary to let you leave. I will never forget all the moments I spent with you even if you were not pleased to see me arrived with the bag of fluid you always remained soft and I had found a way that made you more comfortable, I held you in my arms and you hid your head in the hollow of my arm while the fluids poured slowly into your body I patted you and I spoke to you slowly and with time it became easier to give you care. I will never forget you my beautiful daughter with expressive eyes. Rest in peace my beautiful Magda. ∼Ginette P.

Fiona – 04/2016

Renal insufficiency — My beautiful Fiona I was not lucky enough to know you a lot, but enough time to see that despite your shyness you were a small magnificent cat and I had to decide to sponsor you, my happiness lasted a few weeks and you joined the paradise where you have fun now with all your friends. Rest in peace little heart. ∼Ginette P.

Jezabel– 04/2016

Renal insufficiency - My dear Jezabel, I knew you at the beginning of my voluntary work at the shelter in 2011. I had the privilege to take care of you in your room and to the infirmary in one of these double cages where we made confidences which nobody will ever know except you and I. I often told you that I loved you. And how I found you beautiful! I repeat it to you last time… Ti amo mia bella! ∼Norbert

Rocky – 04/2016

Cancer — My beautiful and sweet Rocky, I always saw you laying on the same spot on your favorite bed, you liked that we served your dish on your bed, you loved the cuddles, you were majestic, your look so intense and unique won my heart, you leave an immense space in the FIV room but you joined the rainbow bridge where you will know the eternal happiness where there are no sufferings. I will always love you my heart. Rest in peace you deserved well it. ∼Ginette P.

Daisy – 03/2016

Cancer — My sweet Daisy, we miss you. Every week during my voluntary work you were never very far when I worked, and now your absence saddens me and left a big space. I send you cuddle and love up there. Rest well my angel. ∼Claudie

My dear Daisy you were really beautiful and shy, always hanging out in the infirmary, it was your favorite place. You were friends with Dédé who’s with you at the rainbow bridge and you liked Fanfan too, I’m sure that he missed you a lot when you left us. Rest in peace alongside your friend Dédé and all the other beautiful cats with you. ∼Ginette P.

Jérémie – 03/2016

Leukaemia — Jérémie experienced the same fate as Chad, the end of his life passed very quickly. Chad and Jérémie went together to the veterinarian and had a blood test. Their red and white blood cells were so decreased that there was no other option than to accompany them and to let them leave towards a place without suffering.

Safari – 03/2016

Leukaemia — Tribute to my beautiful Safari. I met him when I began at the Animal Rescue network in 2010. It was the 1st cat I saw when I went to the Main room .” I see him again, sat with a lot of grace near the room Rebecca. He was always discreet while having a big presence. Safari was a beautiful cat, with  a little sad look, but at the same time very sweet. I learnt shortly before he leaves us, that he was in fact a male (and not a female). It changes, of course, nothing the affection which I carry for him, it is just an anecdote. Safari is a part of cats of the ARN which marked me the most. He is going to miss me. Safari, I love you. ∼Christelle

Chad – 03/2016

Leukaemia — Our small Chad was been looked after with accuracy and he seemed to get better every day, but the disease caught up with him and broke our dream to see him living longer with us and with his friends.

Toto – 02/2016

Cerebellar hypoplasia — My small Toto, I am sad that you left so early. By seeing you, I fell in love at first sight, because despite your handicap you were a fighter and every day you proved us how much you were strong and charming. I was so happy to learn that a good family had chosen you and was going to give you all love of the world. Even if you joined the bridge rainbow too early, knows that you left an indelible mark in my heart and that I will always remember you. Goodbye my adorable Toto. ∼Alice

Cocolita – 01/2016

Cancer — Hello, I wanted to announce you (a bit late) that my beautiful Cocolita died from the cancer of the pancreas at the end of January 2016, now almost one year ago. I adopted Cocolita in January, 2010. I also joined a more recent photo of Cocolita, while she fought against her cancer. Cocolita was loved and caressed during the 6 years I lived with her. She also  travelled a lot, by living in Indiana, and in Florida, and she spent her last years in New Orleans. I miss her constantly, but at least she often comes to visit me in my dreams. Thank you for having allowed me to have Cocolita in my life. ∼Claudine

Mina – 01/2016

Cancer — You were lovely cat, Mina. The volunteers loved you a lot. Rest now! ∼Louise

Bib (Habibi) – 01/2016

Habibi lived during several years, in the FIV room of the shelter. We knew her then under the name of Bib. Then in autumn, 2012, I had the big chance to offer her my home and my heart. During three beautiful years, it was my daily ray of sunshine and made my happiness with its temperament of perpetual kitten, its overflowing affection and its big sweetness. Habibi was really the embodied enjoyment and she reminded to whoever met her that life is beautiful, funny and precious. Whatever life’s hippcups, she always knew how to show us that it is necessary to take advantage of every minute to give a maximum of cuddles, kisses and joyful purrs! The words are vain to express how much she was precious me and how much I miss her. I love you, my beloved Habibi! ∼Sylvie

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