Pitsy – 11/2017

Our beautiful and valiant Pitsy passed away on the same day as our little Arthur. Pitsy was, like Arthur, a cat who was very afraid of humans. Pitsy's condition was declining despite our best efforts to make life easier for him. But at 15, we must admit that he already had a good way of doing things. In such cases, relentlessness is not the best solution in addition to the extra suffering it brings them. Despite all this and his fear of humans, Pitsy loved the company of his little companions. Have a nice trip Pitsy.

Arthur – 11/2017

Our beautiful little Arthur has passed away. Arthur was one of the most feared cats in the shelter. He seemed to have made some progress in getting closer to his little friends. His health would have required the administration of drugs by the mouth and fluids, but since it remained difficult to approach, the stress would have been an additional contribution to support for our little Arthur. Unfortunately, in the state he was in, it was no longer a question of waiting for a miracle. We had to say goodbye to our little sweet heart.

Pooh – 10/2017

It is with great sadness that I hear your death, my beautiful Pooh, whom I loved so much. My beautiful child, you feared me, because I had to give you fluids, you needed it every day. You could not understand that it was for your good. I could not say goodbye to you, because the illness on my side keeps me nailed at home for the moment. But I will never forget you, my beloved Pooh, for you are engraved in my heart forever. You have joined all your friends gone before you. Rest in peace my beloved angel. I'll always miss you. I love you today and forever. ∼Ginette P.

My beautiful and sweet little Pooh, you joined our beautiful Gentle Ben, finally you do not suffer anymore and you're not cold anymore. I would have liked so much that you know the sweetness of a home in your last years, but life is too often very unfair. I just hope you felt we loved you all and wanted only your happiness. Farewell my beautiful young lady. ∼Lise

Gentle-Ben – 10/2017

It is with a sad heart that we learn of the death of our dear Gentle Ben. For a few weeks, his health deteriorated rapidly. Our beautiful Gentle Ben was almost 15 years old. Her general condition and last visit to the veterinarian led us to leave him to avoid unnecessary suffering. He was a very engaging cat and he would surely have made a family happy. We hope he still felt loved with us, surrounded by all the volunteers who loved him. Many people mourn his departure. Good journey, little angel.

Potiron – 08/2017

Adieu Potiron, my little one-eyed, my beige, my pirate. My Popo (everyone who knew you called you Popo). Those who were already at the RSA in 2013 will remember Potiron, which was in butterflies room (in the days of Zeus, Dumpling, Armand ....). He had to have the left eye and all the teeth removed in August 2013. Potiron was in Foster Family with us since November 1st 2013. He had done well at home after all the years spent at the refuge. He lived his life as a cat, basking in the sun, drinking tap water, and loving croquettes despite his lack of teeth. He ate his food on his box in the kitchen and had his armchair. But in recent months his health had deteriorated considerably.

When one loves an animal, this love must be strong enough to free it from its sufferings when the time comes. Potiron crossed the  Rainbow Bridge Wednesday, August 30. Thanks to Manon Boisvert for being with Popo during his last moments and for supporting me. Thanks to Ginette Pagé who was a great guardian for Popo. The Sunday before his departure, Potiron was at Ginette's home and he put his head on his shoulder, which I had never seen before (he did not like being in our arms). Potiron, you illuminated our lives. You were a great cat, very courageous and endearing. You will be forever in our hearts. We love you. ∼Christelle and Francois.

Marissa – 08/2017

Another sad news. Our beautiful little Marissa is no more. After a visit to the vet, examinations revealed that she suffered from severe dehydration and also discovered renal failure which would have required hospitalization and daily treatments. Our beautiful Marissa was a cat that was terrorized in front of humans, despite all the efforts of our socialization team. To do this, it should have been put into cages in order to give her his treatments. The poor little sweet heart would surely have been even more terrorized. Our little darling did not deserve to end her days under such conditions with the stress she already felt. In these circumstances, we decided to bid her farewell and finally be able to hold her in our arms giving her all the love and tenderness she deserved. Rest in peace our beautiful little Marissa.

Rabbit – 08/2017

Rabbit left too young, barely 6 years. He had even made small progress with the socialization team. Following a visit to the veterinarian for loss of balance, the bad news has threaded one after the other. After a discussion with the volunteers at the shelter, it was necessary to take the 'difficult' decision to be taken in such cases, but which is better for the animal. Two members of the team accompanied him in his last moments by surrounding him with love. Rabbit was really a very nice cat. Rest in peace, little heart.

Coco – 07/2017

A very sad news. It’s never easy to decide that a life have to stop. I loved Coco and I didn’t want his last days with us to be painful. Nor I didn’t want to arrive one morning I find him lying in a small ball barely moving and having to take him to the veterinarian and euthanize him. Our beautiful Coco had fallen ill last August. At the time, the veterinarian suspected a triad with possibly the presence of a lymphoma. I was thus faced with the choice to let him leave before he suffers too much or to wait that his state deteriorates more. I chose to like Coco enough to tell him goodbye while he was still Coco. I wrapped him in a blanket  and I held him in my arms til his last breath while saying to him how much we love him. Our Coco finally breathes freely. ∼Lise

Lancelot – 06/2017

Little treasure, you had a difficult life before arriving at the shelter, then you ate your fill, you slept on warm and soft blankets. You received love and care from the volunteers who loved you so much.We would have liked seeing you bouncing back and becoming a beautiful healthy cat. But the hard life you had before your arrival, as well as the disease were too strong for your small body so frail. Rest in peace my beautiful Lancelot, where you will never have pain or be hungry again, because on the rainbow bridge there is everything to make you happy. Goodbye Lancelot. I love you. ∼Ginette P.

Squinty – 06/2017

Goodbye my dear! We spend a lot of moments in the office together. I wish you came to see me when I was working where you lived. A last kiss, my dear! ∼Louise

Louka – 05/2017

I am sad to learn the death of beautiful Louka this kind and adorable little cat. Rest in peace Louka you joined all your friends on the rainbow bridge where the sun shines brightly and where the disease and the suffering does not exist.  Sleep, my angel sleep. I love you xoxox ∼Ginette

Coconut – 05/2017

It is with a heart filled with sadness that we had to say goodbye to our sweet Coconut. He fought  infection of the internal ear for two weeks. The antibiotics he received were not powerful to prevent the distribution of the infection in its lungs, bronchi and pleura. Last Thursday, seeing that his breath was laborious, I brought him to Victoria veterinary hospital where he was already followed for the infection in his ear. Our beautiful Coconut suffered from bronchopneumonia and from some liquid accumulated around his lungs which caused him respiratory difficulties.Since Coconut was still relatively young, we decided to give a chance him. Thus, he had an aggressive antibiotic treatment in the hope that it is the good one for the bacterium he had. He  was kept in a cage with oxygen to help him breathe. Unfortunately, nothing of that worked. Having discussed with his veterinarian this morning, the decision was obvious, it was necessary to say goodbye to our beautiful Coconut. Thus I went in the afternoon to the veterinary hospital to hold Coconut in my arms one last time and repeat him how much he was loved. He fell asleep peacefully. ∼Lise

You closed your beautiful eyes, my Coconut. You rest  in the greatest peace now. Goodbye, my little Coco who I loved so much. ∼Louise

Armand – 04/2017

Cardiac arrest — Armand was in the shelter for more than 10 years. He let himself be tamed with time and was an affectionate and sweet cat. The tilted head gave him a crazy and irresistible charm. A kind lady intended to adopt him, but he left too early... I am thus even more sad to know that he will not have had the opportunity to have a home… He is going to miss us a lot. Goodbye, my big boy! ∼Alice M

Stealer – 03/2017

Renal insufficiency, infection in kidneys and strong anaemia — I am very sad to learn your death my beautiful Stealer, but I get some comfort  knowing that you do not suffer any more and that you rest in peace on the rainbow bridge with all your friends who left before you. You will greet my beautiful Mitzy there. I liked the contact I had with you when I gave you your fluids, even if you did not like it. Now, you are free to have fun, to run, to eat everything you want without pains.  Rest in peace my little Stealer, I miss me. ∼Ginette P.

Since a few days his state had deteriorated, and yesterday he was hiding in its small tent, he hardly opened  his eyes, not reacting any more to the presence of whoever it is. It is Claudette who has well-known Stealer who brought him at the veterinarian's. Our young was put to sleep in affectionate arms. You are going to miss us my nice Stealer, my little fighter who laid down arms, tired of living! With tenderness. ∼Louise

Mélanie – 03/2017

Renal disease — What sad news. Mélanie was a kind cat. My thoughts go towards Monica, it is not easy to let our loves leave and you showed a great courage. Although you knew that you would still be sad, you offered a home to sweet Mélanie. She will always be grateful to you for it. Good luck Monica, and you sweet Mélanie, rest  in peace you joined the rainbow bridge where you found all your friends who left before you and you have fun together, because on the rainbow bridge the weather is always beautiful, there is all that you need and especially there is not suffering anymore nor pain. Rest peacefully Mélanie. ∼Ginette P.

Olivier – 03/2017

My beautiful and sweet Olivier, I learnt your departure in the afternoon, I was very sad, I was next to you every week since 2010 you were lovely cat. You will stay forever in the memory of all the volunteers who were alongside and loved you. How many times we thought that you were going to leave us, but you bounced back on your legs every time. But in this March 28th, 2017, the disease got the best of you. You are going to miss me my beautiful Olivier I loved you so much and I would love you until my last day, I will never forget you my angel. Rest in peace my beautiful treasure. ∼Ginette

Eli – 01/2017

Cancerous tumor — Lise Côté has just sent me this sad message concerning the death of our beautiful Eli who lived for 10 years in the shelter. He was an admirable companion for the other cats thank you, Lise and Manon, to have loved enough Éli to let him leave before he suffers. ∼Louise L.

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce you that we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Eli of the room Marguerite. The team of this morning noticed that our little guy was very quiet. Ombretta examined him and found his stomach very hard. So I came to find him and I brought him at the veterinarian with Manon B. The diagnosis was merciless: our Eli had a massive cancerous tumor in the belly. Manon and I caressed him till the end. My beautiful Eli you went to join your adored girl Lydia. I am sure that she is delighted to see you again. ∼Lise 

Ella – 01/2017

Leukemia — The FIV and FELV viruses came to take our fighter of 11 years old who lived with us for 6 years, calmly by accepting our cuddles in spite of her big shyness. Ella was the ‘darling’ of many volunteers who will be sad to learn the departure of this beautiful big kitty. Know that we accompanied him and that he fell asleep calmly. He didn’t have the means necessary to fight anymore, his white blood cells and his blood platelets were very low, much too low to survive. ∼Lise

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