The A.R.N receives no funding  from the government and depends completely on donations to help abandoned animals. You can help us out by donating monetarily or through material donations.


Cash Donations

By post

Send us your check, ordered to the Animal Rescue Network:

Animal Rescue Network

PB 32203, CP St-André

Montreal (Quebec H2L 4Y5) 




You can make a secure donation on CanaDon. Once on the site, you have only to follow the instructions in order to donate to the Animal Rescue Network.


We provide tax receipts for donations of more than $10. Please register with your complete address and phone number to obtain your receipt. Thank you!


Material Donations

We always need supplies for the shelter (see the list below), but we are also interested in items which you want to get rid of or that we can sell during our garage sales.


List of Supplies:


Quality dry food: 

VetDiet Légère for cats affected by FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

Royal Canin or regular VetDiet


For sick cats: 

Puree for babies, only broth or beef/chicken, NO vegetables

Prescription Diet A/D canned food 

Prescription Diet C/D-S (ou Preventive) dry food for cats with urinary problems



Grooming brushes and combs;

Transport cages;




Dish soap;

Brushes for the dishes;

Floor cleaner products;



Resistant garbage bags;

Wheeling trash bin; 

Paper towel;

Cat litter of any size;

Litter  shovels, small and big; 

Gloves and agglomerating bedding or wood chips.