I found an animal, what do I do? 


Carry out preliminary verifications 

  • Is it wearing a collar that can identify it?

Before taking any steps, you have to make sure that the animal near you is lost. If its master doesn’t show up after a few minutes of waiting, start by making sure it doesn’t have a collar or a medal with its owner’s information. If it does have one, contact the owner. 


  • Does it have an electronic chip number?

Go to the closest vet since the latter can use a reader to find precise information on the animal. 


  • Inform professionals living next to you. 

If the animal neither has a collar nor an electronic chip, contact the closest vets and refuges. Inform pounds that you found a cat. They will take charge of the animal or give you suggestions on what to do if necessary. 


  • You can also look up lost and found cats on websites made for these purposes: 


Groupe Facebook


Chat Perdu.org



  • Can I keep the cat that I found? 

To make sure that the owners aren’t looking for it, start by contacting the pound. If you want the cat, but you already possess animals, it’s best if you first place the cat in quarantine far from the other animals living with you (for at least 15 days). You will avoid causing trouble. Keep an eye on the cat you found to see if it has fleas, ticks or any other contagious diseases. In case of doubt, visit a vet for a checkup (diseases, sterilization, age verification, sex, etc.). Give it some food and drinks and a litter of course. Make sure it doesn’t lack anything. 

  • If you can’t keep the animal, make a small temporary shelter to protect it against cold and rain and contact refuges near you.