What to do when you witness animal cruelty?


Animal cruelty witnesses must contact the SPCA to file a complaint. Every complaint is confidential. In case of mistreatment, the SPCA has the same powers as police officers. 


You can also contact the police service of your city. Police officers will then become aware of the situation. They will meet the person who contacted them to build a case. Once the case is finished, the police sends it to the Direction des poursuites criminelles et pénales. The case will be taken in charge by a Crown Attorney. The latter decides whether or not a complaint will be filed against the person suspected of animal mistreatment. 


SPCA contact information 

  • Leave them a message at ‘‘INSPECTION SPCA’’: (514) 735-2711 ext. 2230
  • In case of emergency, call (514) 735-2711, extension 0 
  • Or send them an email inspection@spcamontreal.com

These special agents answer all complaints of the animal cruelty and neglects. They also conduct inspections off all the premises where animals are kept for sale, for rent, and for exposure.