Having a baby when you have a cat is possible!

Source: Blog-chats-heureux.fr 


Enough with the erroneous idea that pairing a cat with a baby is dangerous! Many studies show the benefits of having a cat, and this, from a very young age. Besides the well known fact that owning a cat can reduce the risk of developing allergies, a cat brings peace, cuddles and love in the home. It is even said that the cat contributes to emotional maturity in the child.


A cat will not suffocate a baby.

One can be afraid to let their cat go about their business when the baby sleeps, but know that contrary to what one can sometimes hear, a cat will never suffocate a baby in their crib. They tend to lie down next to the baby or even against the baby.


Some tips before baby arrives.

From the beginning of your pregnancy, your cat will perceive that there is change in the air. They may experience stress and manifest undesirable behaviours. A cat can, for example, pee or scratch everywhere, eat less or, on the contrary, beg for more food... This is not jealousy or revenge, it is the consequences of the stress linked to the changes felt by your cat. Let them explore the nursery. They will spread their pheromones by rubbing against the furniture and thus will consider this piece as an integral part of their territory. Conversely, by condemning access to the room, you may increase their sense of discomfort or insecurity.


Tips when baby is at home.

Once the baby is there, spoil your cat with cuddles and sweets that they love. It is important that the change be accompanied with positive reinforcement. Cats do not like changes to take place in their territory (movable furniture, new smells, cries ...). Let them explore the baby room as much as they want so that they realize that there is nothing dangerous.


Also, remember that cats appreciate routine, and so are wary of sudden change, especially if they are not positive or gratifying ones for your cat. You should interact with your cat in the same way you did before the arrival of the baby: share play time and affection, but most importantly do not reject your feline companion.   


Does your cat try to get into the crib?

Comfortable, cozy and high, the crib is everything a cat likes and so will be of special interest to your cat. Say “no” in a firm tone systematically and until your animal loses interest in the crib. This can take a long time but be patient. The best solution is to close the door when baby is alone in bed.


Good to know: If signs of stress persist, consult your veterinarian to ensure that your cat is free of any health problems.