Our kittens

Here are our new little friends available for adoption! For more details on a kitten, click on its picture or its name. 


My name is Bocatchino because I am simply delicious. I am afraid around stranger but I love to play and I am social around my brothers and friends. I am still very young and only ask for to be socialized with someone that is patient. I would love to be adopted with my brother Nuage because I am more comfortable with him around. 


My name is Nuage because I am soft and fluffy. I love to play and being pet at night after being tired of a day of playing. It is also the time that I choose to sleep with my owners and I love it. I would like to be adopted with my brother Bocatchino because we have a very special chemistry. 


Malé is an adorable and affectionate young kitten! He was found outside with his 3 brothers and sisters: Bresca, Valence and Porto. Therefore, he’s still shy with strangers but once he realizes that he’s in safe hands, he becomes so affectionate: he follows us everywhere to get some cuddles, rubs up against our legs and sits by us on the couch. And because he’s also very very playful, he will need a “cat-friend” with whom he can have fun with and who will also reassure him. Malé is very smart, a foodie and has a fur coat as silky and luminous as silk.

These are the latest kittens to have found a new home.


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