Our kittens

Here are our new little friends available for adoption! For more details on a kitten, click on its picture or its name. 

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin are two kittens of the same litter who have been saved from the street. The male, Batman, arrived first and is rather reserved, he needs time to be comfortable. The little sister, Robin, who arrived the next day in her foster home, is more adventurous and more comfortable with humans. We want that these two kittens are adopted together because they do everything together: they sleep glued, they reassure themselves when they are stressed and play a lot together. Miss is a purring machine and loves to watch TV with us on the couch while her brother plays with his toys and comes to see her from time to time. They have been socialized and are accustomed to the presence of other adult cats. They are barely two months old and are now ready to find their family for life!


Hello, my name is Carat. I am a little afraid but I am still very young and it will be very easy to tame me because I am not afraid of anyone. Me and my brother, Pacha, look forward to our new family!


Malé is an adorable and affectionate young kitten! He was found outside with his 3 brothers and sisters: Bresca, Valence and Porto. Therefore, he’s still shy with strangers but once he realizes that he’s in safe hands, he becomes so affectionate: he follows us everywhere to get some cuddles, rubs up against our legs and sits by us on the couch. And because he’s also very very playful, he will need a “cat-friend” with whom he can have fun with and who will also reassure him. Malé is very smart, a foodie and has a fur coat as silky and luminous as silk.


Hello! My name is Valence and I am a big girl full of energy of about 5 months. I like playing alone or with other cats. I was found outside with my siblings Porto, Malé and Bresca; I was very fearful at first, but now, I am starting to trust humans.


I look for cuddles and I purr very hard when I'm comfortable, you just have to be gentle and patient with me.


I adapt slowly to new environments, but I adapt rapidly to other cats. Would you consider being my forever family? I can be adopted alone…. or with my brother Malé, I would love having a friend to play!

These are the latest kittens to have found a new home.


Thank you!