Our kittens

Here are our new little friends available for adoption! For more details on a kitten, click on its picture or its name. 



I am a very affectionate kitten who loves to be cajoled, and am the best partner for nap time! I get on well with other cats.


Ashley-Baby is a beautiful little kitty born to a mother who did not appreciate contact with humans. She is naturally very reserved and fearful of humans. Thanks to the presence of other kittens in her environment, she follows the group, participates in the games and sleeps with the others in a cat tree. However, she is afraid of being touched by humans and her first reaction is to hide. Despite this behaviour, Ashley-Baby doesn't have an ounce of aggression in her. On the contrary, she is very gentle and her escape reaction is her only defence. With each passing day in her foster home, she makes great progress and becomes more and more willing to participate in the family life. Nevertheless, she will need a loving adoptive family who will be patient with her to continue her socialization.

Béatrice and Jeanine

A duo for adoption: the beautiful Béatrice and Jeanine, two sisters who were born outside, fed and socialized by a volunteer who asked us to keep taking care of them. They are adorable, playful, affectionate and are now looking for a forever home who will adopt them together.

These are the latest kittens to have found a new home.


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