Here are our wonderful cats available for sponsorship!

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Meet Angel, a new candidate in the sponsoring program. Angel suffers from diabetes, which makes her general health fragile. Her condition requires daily control of her levels, regular visits to the clinic, and a specialized diet to keep her healthy. Even if she hates needles (like all cats), Angel is always sweet and patient when we have to sample her blood for tests or inject her with insulin. She never bites the volunteers, and she allows them to do what they have to do, like a brave girl! She truly honors her name, she is a little angel. In order to provide her with everything she needs to stay healthy, we need financial support, that’s why she was added to the sponsoree list. She wants to join us to thank you for reading her profile, and for considering helping her! 


After being the mystery cat twice, we formalize the handsome Mace Windu within the sponsored cats of the shelter.

This handsome black cat, about 3 years old, was found wandering in very poor condition. He was extremely thin, he was severely dehydrated, his coat was thin, and his mouth was full of ulcers and infection. Like many stray cats, he contracted FIV, which makes him more fragile with his overall health. His general condition and difficult start to life affected his system a lot, especially his kidneys (anemia problem) and his digestive system (he often has diarrhea problems and has irritable bowel syndrome). Despite all these problems and discomforts, Mace Windu has always been patient and kind to the volunteers and the other cats at the shelter. Resilient and calm, he seems to understand that we wish him well. Above all, he loves to cuddle and play with everyone. He vocalizes a lot, and we recognize his expressive voice.

Despite his very fragile health, he is doing well and enjoying life to the best of his ability. He is in dire need of specialized food, fluids, care, and regular vet visits, as his kidneys are still failing, his digestive system is very fragile and he suffers from severe anemia. The latter, however, has started to improve since Mace Windu received injections of a product that stimulates the production of red blood cells.

To help reduce his stress and in an effort to avoid sources of contamination, a loving foster family recently welcomed Mace Windu. Your invaluable support will allow Mace Windu to enjoy the life he deserves, surrounded by love. He joins us in thanking you for your help, and wishes you a great day!


We present you Joël, a new candidate of the sponsoree list. Down on his luck and living in the street, Joël finally caught a break when he encountered a nice lady who helps stray cats. On a cold winter day, he showed up to her door, exhausted and shivering. He spent many days resting in the outdoor house she installed for her little homeless friends, but eventually other stray cats attacked him to chase him away. Fortunately, his kind and social temper allowed the lady to bring him inside her house and keep him safe while she contacted us so we could come to get him and take over. Joël was sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and microchipped. Like many other stray cats, Joël tested positive for FIV, and because of the terrible state his teeth were in, they all had to be removed. A severe allergy was also just discovered causing redness and irritation to his skin. Despite his difficult beginnings and his fragile immune system, Joël still has the best attitude and the cutest smile, even without any teeth! On top of all the fees related to the procedures that he already has gone through, Joël will need regular visits to the clinic, medication and a specific diet. This is why we have decided to add him to the sponsoring candidates’ list. While waiting for his forever home, your precious help will allow Joël to finally enjoy the life he deserves, in a warm bed, with a full belly, and surrounded by love. He wants to join us to thank you and wish you a great day!


It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to a new candidate for the sponsoring program, the beautiful Rupi. Living on a farm in horrible conditions, this young 2 year old cat had to face harsh challenges on a daily basis. When she arrived at the shelter, we realized how bad her general condition was and had to bring her to the vet clinic immediately to have her evaluated and stabilized. This poor cat was very dirty, full of parasites, and her coat was matted ant filled with tight knots. She was skin and bones, dehydrated, she had frostbites on her ears and the tip of her tail showed necrosis. She had conjunctivitis in both eyes and was very congested. Her ears were filled with pus due to severe infection, one of her ear-drums was even ruptured. Needless to say, Rupi could not continue to fight on her own and needed major help. At the clinic, she was rehydrated, she received intravenous antibiotics and all the treatments she needed to get stabilized. We were pleased to learn that her vital organs were not affected and that she quickly started to eat again on her own. Back at the shelter, Rupi quickly adapted, and even if she was not used to human contact, she showed us trust and resilience and melted all of our hearts. She is really calm, sweet and affectionate with all the volunteers. With some time and the right care, there is a good chance that her ear-drum can be saved, so we keep our fingers crossed! Her numerous treatments are not always very pleasant to receive, but she is always patient and courageous, and her general condition is improving every day. All the medication, treatments, specialised food and follow up visits at the vet (plus her vaccination and sterilization once she is healthy and ready) are very costly, that’s why she was added to the list of cats available for the sponsoring program. With your support, we will be able to continue providing her with everything she needs to get healthy and stay that way. This little warrior deserves to live a happy life, surrounded with love and life’s little pleasures, far away from the hunger and the cold. She wants to join us to thank you for reading her story (that has only just begun), and wish you a great day!


This is Liv, a sweet and affectionate 4-year-old young cat. Abandoned by her family due to the costs of her medical care, Liv was in dire need of care when she arrived at the shelter. Due to severe allergies, she had developed serious skin problems which could degenerate at any time. The poor cat was so reactive to irritants that she was prone to severe skin infections from her lesions. She was therefore isolated and treated as soon as she arrived, but was unfortunately not out of the woods yet, as she contracted the calicivirus and a rhino. Fortunately, she eventually recovered from these complications, and she was able to be placed with a foster family. In this temporary home, Liv is fortunate to have reassuring stability and a loving home. She experiences less stress, her lifestyle is better controlled, and her diet and care are perfectly adapted to her specific needs. The host family, however, needs support to provide Liv with what she needs to stay healthy. In addition to specialized nutrition, Liv needs medication and regular vet visits so that her allergies are well controlled and she does not develop any complications. Her health issues aside, Liv is a perfect little cat. She is bursting with energy and love, and she loves hugs. With the support of benevolent sponsors and the good care of her foster family, Liv has a long and beautiful life ahead of her, and she intends to make the most of it! She joins us in thanking you for your interest in sponsorship, and greets you, between two purrs!


This is Rudolph, a handsome cat of about 7 years old. A little over a year ago, he was given to us by a lady who took him off the street. The poor man was thin, feverish, and very suspicious of humans. As Rudolph suffers from IVF, his immune system is very fragile. He has had a difficult year and had to visit the vet quite often, three times just for a rhino that was not healing. He also had to fight the calicivirus, an uphill battle considering his fragile system. Poor Rudolph also has bad teeth, so he had to undergo surgery to remove the badly spoiled teeth a few months ago. Unfortunately, he still suffers from oral problems, including stomatitis, so he will have to return to surgery soon to have all of his remaining teeth removed. We hope that all these obstacles will stay behind him, because he deserves to have a smoother life, especially after living on the streets, without love and without family. Although shy Rudolph is starting to realize that we are there to help him, and as he feels better he is more open to the world around him. When he arrived he was running away from the volunteers and didn’t seem to like our presence (sometimes we have to manipulate him to give him treatments, drugs, etc.), but little by little, and with the efforts of the socialization team, Rudolph is curious and tolerates the care we give him much better. With time, the proper care of volunteers, and the support of caring sponsors, Rudolph can finally begin to enjoy the great cat life he deserves - a life filled with love, comfort and hugs.


Guimauve (born in 2009) and Isabella-Suzie (born in 2003) got to the shelter separately. They were never adopted because they are fearful cats who don't like the human touch. Years have passed with them being in different rooms. Over time, Isabella-Suzie was diagnosed with renal insufficiency and a heart murmur which meant she needed supplements. At some point, in order to facilitate Guimauve's socialization process, volunteers noticed the beginning of a love story between Guimauve and Isabella-Suzie! They were often seen cuddling together. The socialization team continues to do its best to make them social but in the meantime, at least, they got each other.