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Gisèle is a very affectionate little cat who arrived at the shelter in March 2022. Her little ear is folded

back, probably due to frostbite. She was found wandering on a farm in Saint-Augustin. Gisèle is around 7 years old, and she had a very difficult life, having repeated litters of kittens. She had the chance of meeting an amazing lady who decided that Gisèle had suffered enough and it was time for her to have a chance at a better life! Gisèle arrived at the shelter with several purulent wounds on her body. During her first appointment with the veterinarian, antibiotics were prescribed to avoid an infection, since the wounds were raw, as well as cortisone to calm the itching. We also placed her on a hypoallergenic diet. Despite this, the wounds took a long time to heal, and she had to be given Dermachlor baths to help her fight bacteria. After a few months of respite, volunteers noticed that Gisèle's stomach seemed swollen and painful on

palpitation. So, she went back to the vet who recommended an abdominal ultrasound. This revealed that her intestine was thickened, and it looked like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Gisèle therefore began medication to reduce inflammation and improve her immune system. However, after 3 weeks there was no improvement and new skin lesions appeared. We then thought of allergies, but the blood tests revealed that it was pancreatitis. After all the tests, the official diagnosis is that the young lady has chronic pancreatitis. She came back from the vet with a panoply of new medication to take, including painkillers, antacids, antinauseants and antibacterial creams for the wounds. She will have a veterinary follow-up shortly. Our lovely Gisèle has been added to the sponsorship program because she has great medical needs, and she cannot be put up for adoption until her health is stabilized.


Shakira is a cat who lived in inadequate conditions and that we welcome her at the shelter. We had to have all her teeth removed because they were in such a bad state. We also discovered that she suffered

from kidney failure (stage 2). She is now doing much better than when she arrived, but she must be closely monitored on a regular basis, in addition to taking medication, supplements and following a specialized diet. Last August, she had a major urinary tract infection, requiring antibiotics. As she is very fearful, the socialization team works very hard to try to help her adapt and stop fearing people, but we lose a bit of progress each time we have to take her to the vet, because despite her gluttony, we do not always manage to coax her into the carrier. During her veterinary follow-up, in mid-March, the veterinarian detected the beginning of a urinary tract

infection. We were lucky to catch it early and have started treatment with antibiotics for two weeks. The vet also informed us that the condition of his kidneys has deteriorated. She is still in stage 2, but advanced. All we can do at the moment is to continue to give her specialized food and, eventually, when her advancement in socialization allows us, administer fluids to help these kidneys. She will have a follow-up in two weeks for her urinary tract infection. Shakira has been the mystery cat for the past 9 months. The objective of the concept of "mystery cat" is to present a cat taken in at the shelter whose state of health requires timely veterinary care, so that you can follow the evolution of the state of health of the cat until its healing. Once the kitty is back to health, we replace it with another cat we welcomed. Unfortunately, the kidney failure Shakira was diagnosed with is a lifelong condition that she cannot recover from. We have therefore taken the decision to make her "officially" a candidate for sponsorship.


Dr Finkelstein (Dr F for friends) was found wandering in Tétreaultville and we welcomed him in October 2021. This gray and white short-haired tomcat was very thin and seemed to have the right front paw

broken. When he arrived at the shelter, he was greatly congested, listless and without appetite. He had severe episodes of diarrhea, to the point where he had to be washed afterwards. It was very sad to see. We gave him fluids to rehydrate him, nasal flushes to decongest him, and gave him Fortiflora (probiotic

supplements to help restore gut health). Given his lack of appetite, it was necessary to force-feed him a few times to ensure that he regained his strength. At the first visit to the vet, we discovered that he had nothing broken, but that he had a urinary tract infection, extreme thinness, and markers of severe inflammation in his blood. Two weeks later, during his veterinary follow-up, Dr F had already gained 1.6 kg, which was very good news and meant that the little guy was ready to fight. The veterinarian noted a good improvement in his general condition. The urinary tract infection was cured. He still had markers of inflammation in his blood, but the values were marginal. We learned at this time that Dr F. was a cat of at least 10 years old. His condition was finally stable enough to have him vaccinated and sterilized, but his diarrhea and vomiting would not subside. He had an ultrasound last February and the conclusion of the vet was that he probably had an IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). There were also other slight abnormalities which suggest that he has the onset of cholangiohepatitis (liver disease of inflammatory or bacterial origin). He therefore began an antibiotic treatment accompanied by Fortiflora, to avoid violent diarrhea and thus reduce inflammation. His visit also raised some very small kidney stones which are, for the moment, without danger for Dr. F.

He will have to have a follow-up ultrasound in 3 to 6 months to check the evolution of his disease. Our

hope is that the change in diet will have stabilized his condition and that the inflammation in his colon

will have diminished. In early March, he had some tests and X-rays of his abdomen. There are markers that show ongoing inflammation, but otherwise, liver, kidney and pancreas are fine. According to his vet, he has an outbreak of his irritable bowel. To calm his stomach and vomiting blood, Dr F is currently on treatment with omeprazole (for reduction of acid secretions), cerenia (for prevention of vomiting) and sucralfate (to prevent ulcer formation and gastric reflux). When everything has calmed down, the vet thinks he will prescribe him prednisolone (anti-inflammatory) to keep the inflammation of his intestines under control in the longer term. Dr. F was added to our sponsorship program given the importance of the costs related to all these veterinary follow-ups, these medications and his specific diet.


Robin is a small cat of about 3 years old, who arrived at the shelter with his brother Joker in February 2020. When they arrived, they were both very fearful, but his brother made progress quickly, although it

was not the case for little Robin. Joker was recently made available for adoption, and we hope Robin makes enough progress to be available for adoption soon as well. The socialization team has been

working hard for more than two years to make them more comfortable with humans.

A few months after his arrival, we discovered that Robin has cholangiohepatitis. It is an inflammatory liver disease. Moreover, during his abdominal ultrasound, the vet found that he also had IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), which is an inflammatory disease of the colon and intestine. He will need

to eat specialized food for the rest of his life, but if his IBD is well controlled he should be able to live his life as a cat without medication. Upon this diagnostic, and because of his shyness, he spent a lot of time in a condo, which is a small individual room at the shelter for cats in need of tranquility. We then made some adjustments by changing his environment to see if that helped him progress, and then last December we put him in a big room with 4 other cats who eat the same hypoallergenic food, and it was at this moment that Robin made a decisive encounter, the handsome Rocky. He has developed love for Rocky (that Rocky reciprocates). Thanks to his relationship with Rocky, Robin learns to trust us, we can finally caress him. They even look alike, Robin looks like Rocky's offspring. Last week, Robin went to see the vet for a follow-up on his liver. We had good news, his liver is stable and he gained 200 grams. Weight gain is reassuring, but still insufficient. Robin is indeed a fussy little cat in terms of food, but with his new friend Rocky we see that he has a little more appetite and we are confident that he will continue to gain weight. Robin is making great efforts to open up to humans, and his health is beginning to stabilize, but he needs your support since his liver requires constant veterinary check-ups and a specific diet. That's why

he was added to our Sponsorship program.


Balthazar arrived at the shelter in November 2019 with his brother Melchior, both 8-year-old, following the death of their owner. They were adopted separately soon after. Unfortunately, in October 2021,

Balthazar's adoptive parent contacted us to take him back, having worsening health issues, and preventing him from taking proper care of his cat. We therefore welcome him back to the shelter. After a visit to the vet, we found out that he had cataracts in both eyes and that he had a urinary tract infection. The vet told us that there was nothing to do for the cataracts, and Balthazar was put on antibiotic treatment for his urinary tract infection.

During his follow-up for the UTI (which healed well), it was discovered that Balthazar was diabetic. It is

therefore now necessary to take his blood sugar twice a day and give him 1 unit of insulin when his

blood sugar is above 15. Balthazar has lived a lot over the past two years, and we wish to find him a family to take care of him, but we know it will be a challenge. In order to provide him with the treatments and follow-ups he needs, we need support, which is why he has been added to the sponsorship program.


Meet Angel, a new candidate in the sponsoring program. Angel suffers from diabetes, which makes her general health fragile. Her condition requires daily control of her levels, regular visits to the clinic, and a specialized diet to keep her healthy. Even if she hates needles (like all cats), Angel is always sweet and patient when we have to sample her blood for tests or inject her with insulin. She never bites the volunteers, and she allows them to do what they have to do, like a brave girl! She truly honors her name, she is a little angel. In order to provide her with everything she needs to stay healthy, we need financial support, that’s why she was added to the sponsoree list. She wants to join us to thank you for reading her profile, and for considering helping her! 


We present you Joël, a new candidate of the sponsoree list. Down on his luck and living in the street, Joël finally caught a break when he encountered a nice lady who helps stray cats. On a cold winter day, he showed up to her door, exhausted and shivering. He spent many days resting in the outdoor house she installed for her little homeless friends, but eventually other stray cats attacked him to chase him away. Fortunately, his kind and social temper allowed the lady to bring him inside her house and keep him safe while she contacted us so we could come to get him and take over. Joël was sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and microchipped. Like many other stray cats, Joël tested positive for FIV, and because of the terrible state his teeth were in, they all had to be removed. A severe allergy was also just discovered causing redness and irritation to his skin. Despite his difficult beginnings and his fragile immune system, Joël still has the best attitude and the cutest smile, even without any teeth! On top of all the fees related to the procedures that he already has gone through, Joël will need regular visits to the clinic, medication and a specific diet. This is why we have decided to add him to the sponsoring candidates’ list. While waiting for his forever home, your precious help will allow Joël to finally enjoy the life he deserves, in a warm bed, with a full belly, and surrounded by love. He wants to join us to thank you and wish you a great day!


This is Rudolph, a handsome cat of about 7 years old. A little over a year ago, he was given to us by a lady who took him off the street. The poor man was thin, feverish, and very suspicious of humans. As Rudolph suffers from IVF, his immune system is very fragile. He has had a difficult year and had to visit the vet quite often, three times just for a rhino that was not healing. He also had to fight the calicivirus, an uphill battle considering his fragile system. Poor Rudolph also has bad teeth, so he had to undergo surgery to remove the badly spoiled teeth a few months ago. Unfortunately, he still suffers from oral problems, including stomatitis, so he will have to return to surgery soon to have all of his remaining teeth removed. We hope that all these obstacles will stay behind him, because he deserves to have a smoother life, especially after living on the streets, without love and without family. Although shy Rudolph is starting to realize that we are there to help him, and as he feels better he is more open to the world around him. When he arrived he was running away from the volunteers and didn’t seem to like our presence (sometimes we have to manipulate him to give him treatments, drugs, etc.), but little by little, and with the efforts of the socialization team, Rudolph is curious and tolerates the care we give him much better. With time, the proper care of volunteers, and the support of caring sponsors, Rudolph can finally begin to enjoy the great cat life he deserves - a life filled with love, comfort and hugs.


Isabella-Suzie is currently the oldest cat at the shelter. Indeed, she is 19 years old! She has been at the shelter for several years, since she could not be adopted given her great mistrust of humans at first. Today, although more open to pets (in exchange for a treat, of course), it is her state of health that does not allow her to be adopted. She has developed kidney failure and she has a heart murmur. Her kidney failure is now stage 3, and all we can do at this stage is to keep her comfortable. With the work of the socialization team, Isabella-Suzie has softened towards humans, but she clearly prefers the presence of felines. She has a very busy social life at the shelter! She recently lost her lover, Guimauve and her best friend Eugenie, but our Isabella-Suzie is resilient and quickly re-forms friendships with other cats at the shelter.

Despite her terminal condition, Isabella is in no pain, and loves spending her time on the window sill in the sun, or glued to her feline friends. She even gives them massages sometimes!