The A.R.N accounts for more than 150 volunteers divided into various groups: the maintenance crew of the shelter, those in charge of adoptions, the foster families, the medical care crew, those training new volunteers, those involved in communications, the administration and the fundraisers. These groups altogether work to fulfill the four following missions: 

Shelter and Foster: 

The A.R.N is a no-kill shelter for cats, as well as forms a network of foster homes where abandoned cats can be given care and warmth. The shelter is divided into various rooms, some of which are dedicated to animals requiring special care while awaiting a welcoming home. No animal is euthanized unless it is ill or suffering from an incurable disease.


Rescue and Neuter:

The A.R.N joins forces with the community in order to help animals living in an environment where they are neglected or where they are wandering and at risk of dying from the cold following abandonment by their owner.


All the rescued animals are neutered and vaccinated. Additionally, we provide neutering services at low prices for the public. We believe that by encouraging and facilitating the neutering of pets, we can help fight overpopulation and abandonment, two main sources of animal problems. 



The A.R.N organizes adoption days in various animal product and pet stores to find permanent homes for our cats. All applications for adoption are carefully considered in the interests of the animals.